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We want to help you understand what an advance care directive is and why they are a good idea. Then we want to offer a pathway to getting one professionally prepared.

Put simply, an advance care directive is a document in which you can set out wishes for your life (including medical treatment) and lifestyle if you no longer have the capacity to make those decisions. They are sometimes described as a ‘living will’. There is more about them in some of our Blogs.

Of course, trying to think what your life priorities might be and then putting them into words is a daunting task. That is where the acdAssist tool comes into play.  The acdAssist tool will take you through various circumstances and situations and provide guidance to reach a view as to what your priorities might be, ranging from medical treatment through to choosing a person to voice those priorities for you when you cannot.

We also believe that your priorities should be documented in a legal form so that they are accepted readily, as is the authority of your appointed representative (called the ‘substitute decision maker’).  That is why the tool is only available through the law firms listed – for a fixed fee (set by the firms) who will each provide access to the on-line tool and, once submitted by you, will prepare the necessary legally binding advance care directive form and arrange for it to be signed by you and your substitute decision makers.

So, when you have looked at our website and decided you would like to prepare an advance care directive we invite you to click on the link to one of the firms listed to proceed. By taking this step you will provide comfort to yourself and confidence for your loved ones that your wishes have been thought through and are clear and enforceable.

For more information in relation to your own situation please click on the relevant link below.

Using the acdAssist tool


An Advance Care Directive (ACD) is a way for you to document your health care and lifestyle wishes and ensure that those wishes are followed when you no longer have the capacity to make those decisions for yourself or are no longer able to communicate them to your loved ones and health care professionals.

acdAssist is an online tool developed to guide you through the difficult and sensitive issues you may face when completing and prioritising your wishes for inclusion in your ACD.

To find out more about how the acdAssist tool works, please click the button below.


Using the acdAssist tool


acdAssist is an online tool which guides individuals through issues in order to prioritise their wishes on matters required to complete an Advance Care Directive (ACD).

Individuals choose which law firm they wish to use to complete their ACD. They then use the acdAssist tool located on their chosen law firm’s website to complete the online form. Submitted answers are incorporated directly into the ACD form which is checked by the lawyer. The document is then signed in the required manner.

Using the acdAssist Tool

Carers, Family & Support People

Advanced care planning can help ensure the wishes of a person you care for (or care about) are considered when they no longer have the capacity to make decisions about their health care and lifestyle or are no longer able to communicate them.

You can do this by supporting them now to put an Advance Care Directive (ACD) in place. Making decisions about future health care may involve thinking and talking about sensitive issues. There is no better time than now to encourage and support them to think, to talk and to complete an ACD.

acdAssist is a tool to assist you in this process.

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